Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening with Doctor Smile dental laser

Many of us are worried by inappropriate discoloration of tooth enamel. This may be due to the consumption of snacks, coffee or smoking. Pigments thus formed on the teeth can be removed very effectively with the help of laser bleaching. This technique allows for whitening teeth 3 to 4 shades in one session. It is a controlled application of intense bleaching agent to the teeth. This material penetrates into the tooth surface and chemically reacts with sedimentary pigments. The result of this reaction is the decomposition of pigments and thus brightening the teeth. The procedure involves whitening teeth cleaning, application of protective material on the gums and applying the bleaching agent to the teeth. The technology of laser tooth whitening is based on the activation of the bleaching gel with the help of high energy laser, which increases and accelerates the whitening effect by several times. The entire process takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The procedure is very gentle and the tooth enamel is not damaged.

For a few days after laser tooth whitening it is necessary to avoid foods and beverages with high concentration of pigments (red wine, coffee, tea, etc.) to avoid discoloration of the teeth again.


Advantages of laser teeth whitening: a) significantly lightens the teeth immediately after the first bleaching b) causes almost no tooth sensitivity c) long-lasting result after the procedure