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Are you ashamed of your smile because of a missing tooth? Do your or your family members’ removable dentures keep falling out? Change the quality of life with the help of dental implants! Let our doctors give you back a […]



Dental surgery is a branch of medicine that is associated with surgery on the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. There is a large number of surgical intervention types and methods of their implementation in the mouth. Our dental […]

Ceramic crowns and bridges


Ceramic crowns are mostly used for treating dead teeth or replacing damaged or otherwise inappropriate crowns of teeth. A necessary condition is preserved tooth root. Crown replaces the abraded part of the tooth and covers the entire surface of the […]

Zirconia crowns and bridges


The material is extraordinarily hard, highly resistant and extremely durable and at the same time weighs less than metal alloy. All this makes it suitable for crowns in the back of the mouth and also allows for the use in […]

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges


As the name implies, metal-ceramic crowns are composed of two layers: an inner metal layer that accurately fits the polished tooth stub and provides strength, and a ceramic layer that defines the aesthetic appearance of the crown. They are suitable […]



Dental prosthetic dentistry (prosthetics) deals with replacing lost part of a tooth, the whole tooth, teeth and dental group as a whole. The aim of prosthetic dentistry provided in our clinic is to replace the lost tooth structure with the […]

Endodontics (root canal therapy)


Inflammation of the dental pulp is one of the most feared and most painful tooth problems. If tooth decay exceeds the enamel and dentin, then it spreads relatively quickly to the center of the tooth — the pulp. Dental pulp […]

Tooth filling


Treatment of dental caries Damage to the teeth most often occurs because of tooth decay. Tooth decay is usually caused by insufficient oral hygiene and the subsequent formation of plaque on the tooth surface. Plaque contains a large number of […]

Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening with Doctor Smile dental laser Many of us are worried by inappropriate discoloration of tooth enamel. This may be due to the consumption of snacks, coffee or smoking. Pigments thus formed on the teeth can be removed very […]

Dental hygiene


Dental hygiene is the prevention of dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. Part of the treatment is instructing the patient about choosing the right toothpaste and brushes, then scaling and polishing of teeth. The treatment is also suitable for children. Removal […]

Anesthesia and sedation


Local anesthesia is the most commonly applied method of painless treatment. It is performed by injecting local anesthetic solution into the gum or inner cheek. It interrupts communication between the painful point and the pain centre of the brain by […]

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