implant cz

Are you ashamed of your smile because of a missing tooth? Do your or your family members’ removable dentures keep falling out?

Change the quality of life with the help of dental implants! Let our doctors give you back a functional and beautiful smile.

Implants in our clinic are placed by dental surgeons Dr. Yatsemirskyi and Dr. Iudin, who have years of dental implant surgery experience.

We perform dozens of implant procedures every month. We use implants of the most famous brands, Straumann and Alpha Bio. Because of a better price / quality ratio, most of the implants we place are from the Israeli manufacturer Alpha Bio.

If there is not enough bone to support implants, it is possible to rebuild bone using different bone augmentation techniques. It is done by our bone grafting experts, who can cope even with the most difficult situations.

The implant placement procedure takes 30 – 60 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia, so it is completely painless. The healing process depends on individual factors and usually lasts 2 – 4 months. After healing of the implant, it is necessary to make and cement the crown on it. We can make different types of crowns in our dental clinic Artstom.