Ceramic crowns and bridges


Ceramic crowns are mostly used for treating dead teeth or replacing damaged or otherwise inappropriate crowns of teeth. A necessary condition is preserved tooth root. Crown replaces the abraded part of the tooth and covers the entire surface of the prepared natural tooth crown. Ceramic crowns seem to be the best solution from the aesthetic point of view. Accuracy with which the crown fits the prepared is extremely important. Only in this way we can prevent inflammation of gums around the crown and achieve long-term reliable result.


Ceramic bridges serve as a replacement for missing teeth. The reasons for deciding on a bridge are not only aesthetic. We should take into account the fact that after tooth loss the neighboring teeth lack support and curve and the teeth of the opposite jaw start growing into the gap.

Only if the teeth on both sides of the gap are in good condition, they can carry the load of the bridge. If not, or if the patient does not want any changes to the adjacent teeth, it is better to opt for implants.

The greatest advantage of ceramic crowns and bridges is that they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. They also have physical properties that are similar to those of natural teeth (they expand with heat and contract with cold) and naturally transmit light.